Jan. 13 & 14, 1914

Oh this is a funny old world and a busy old world. This morning I went to school then cut part of open forum to practice our stunt for tonight then rushed back heard the last two speeches in open forum attended a class meeting, talked awhile with Gladies[sic] ate dinner went back and after many maneuvers to get rid of g. g.  got in my talk with Mr. Parker and told him he would take Mary to the game because Gladies[sic] had turned down Mr. Valentine and wasn’t going. Then we girls about 15 of us, all that are in the Chem. Class, each bought a Hershey for Prof. Smith and filed in. After the 35 boys had assembled and laid them on his desk with the writen[sic] request that he should not call on any of us today he stuffed both his pockets full and said certainly he would comply with our request so the boys had to do all of the reciting. Then I went to a committee meeting to discuss the Sophmore[sic] Banquet and we talked an hour. Went to Y.W.C.A. came home for supper then Helen Barnett & I went to the gymnasium party. The class stunts were the cleverest things   There was the Junior stunt which was a woman jury to decide a mans suit for divorce, the Senior stunt was a mock graduation exercise they were all dressed in crazy kimonas[sic] with pants [and] hats with crazy tassels hanging off of others.

Nell Reller made the comicalist[sic] justiculations[sic] pantomime for a speech. The diplomas were empty  The freshman stunt was a mock gym class the girls had masks on the back of their heads and their hair combed down in a pigtail over their faces so they faced us backwards  well of all the antics. Then the sophomores was the chanetecleer[sic] chorus  5 of us of which I was one were dressed in yellow bunting like little yellow chickens then there was the old hen and the chantecleer[sic] with his bath robe and feather duster tail. It was to a part of Bright Eyes. The scratching and fights were funny.

Then I was in the Russian drill that about a dozen of us gave

Wednesday 14

Went to school! This P.M. I had trio practice and it was lots of fun. Then Lydia Beautolph and Edwinna McGlannon and Mr. Goss came over and the four of us translated “In St. Jurgen” We did about 20 pages.

This evening, Helen Barnett, Ralph and I went to the Basket Ball game between Battle Creek and Kazoo. Well it was an awfully close game 28-21 in favor of Kazoo. But though we won we didn’t play a good consistant[sic] game all the while because it was a team that hadn’t practiced much together because Bishop was out with a lame foot & Zeedyke has left school (oh dear I don’t like to have Zeedyke gone) after the game we came home and mamma had her S. S. class of girls here so we played games and ate with them and now its 11:30 and I have no lessons.

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