Jan. 11 & 12, 1914

Sunday 11

Went to church and S. S. I had 16 in my class today. Mrs. Went. Elmer’s mother came and visited the class today and luckily everything went quite smoothly. Oh my boys are dears! This P.M. I rested and read and then Ralph came and we went to church. Afterwards we came home in a howling blizzard and then sat and talked a while   I have bet 50 cents with him that I won’t go to the Freshman Sophmore[sic] banquet. And he’s so curious to know why. I told him not to tell anyone about it and he said he wouldn’t  he said “If I did I would wager you would get half a dozen bids inside of an hour.” I also have made rather a comical arrangement about the Basket Ball game Wednesday night.

Monday 12

Well diary I went to school all day and I’ve been teased to death about a joke in the “Index” want to hear it diary

“How her little sisters calls it:

                He’s all wight

                Who’s a wight

                Weggie Payne.” **

I went to gymnasium this P.M. and practiced a step for the party tomorrow night. Well Helen Barnett is staying here with me now and we’re having lots of fun togather[sic].

This evening while we were studying Mr. Parker called up. And it seems he wants to stop going with Gladies P. and she don’t want to let him go  well its funny but I discovered that’s why she has been acting so queer towards me is because she considers me one of her rivals and the biggest joke of all is that he grew a mustache because she said she wouldn’t go with him if he did and then she continued to go with him much to his dismay  Well he wants me to find out if she has got another bid for the game Wednesday night. Also I said I would try to help him out of his dilemo[sic] tomorrow. Ha! Ha! Poor boy it’s a desperate affair with him I guess.

** CURATOR’S NOTE: This appears to be a play on words — right = wight, which is Claire’s last name.  Weggie Payne refers to Reggie Payne, Ralph’s brother.  It may be that both Reggie and Ralph are vying for Claire’s affections.  We’ll have to read on to find out.

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