Jan. 4 & 5, 1914

Sunday 4 (January 1914)

Went to church and S.S. had 12 boys in my class today they are such dears. I asked Frank Barnett to talk to them a while he did and say it was fine! He told me after S.S. that he wished he was going to be here then he would be glad to help me build the class up. Do you know diary some of my boys want to be Baptized and asked if I only can lead and teach them right. This P.M. I wrote a letter to Papa and one to Mrs. Redman. This evening Ralph came up and we didn’t go to church but just talked and read.

Monday 5 (January 1914)

I worked in the Chemistry labatory[sic] all day in the worst lot of smells I ever got into and this evening my clothes smell so that the folks can hardly stand it to have me around. I made Bromine and Iodine, reduced Cuprous odide[sic] and Cupric oxide, etc. etc. and tonight I’m dead tired and oh there are so many notes to write up!

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