Jan. 1-3, 1914


Thursday 1 1914

Happy New Year! That’s funny isn’t it wishing myself a happy new year but it’s not that exactly it’s sort of an introduction to a new friend because little diary you are going to be a friend you know just like the others. It’s more convenient too talking to you as if you are a person because it’s a pleasure to say anything you want to and know it won’t shock you or hurt your feelings and that you won’t tell. I’m not going to make any resolutions because I think its degrading to brake (sic) them and I always do so! Diary I’d first like to know what your (sic) going to contain I sort of have a feeling there are going to be big changes in my life this year I wonder if its so? You gaze at me blankly enough now don’t you?

Fri. Jan. 2

Today we were expecting company, Aunt Ella & Uncle Lute from Battle Creek, so we got out the “hathen Chinee” (hand painted china) and Aunt Emma cooked a regular feast then they didn’t come but we had a fine dinner just the same. I am “recuperating from my late illness” and haven’t a bit of ambition and scarcely believe I ever will have any. I just fool around and do nothing. I painted (no I never paint my face because I fear that’s hopeless anyway) and played games with Aunt Emma Then I went down to Vera Perry’s and helped eat up the candy she and Ada Dilts had just finished making  They’ve got three of the dearest Bunny Rabits[sic] that you ever saw, Diary, I never saw such small ones. This evening Mr. Parker wanted to come up but I said no he could come tomorrow night and I would ask Helen Barnett and her brother over so I did. I wonder how the combination will work? I seem to fill up a page without saying much don’t I?

Sat. Jan. 3

Well this morning I went down town and after much running around and deliberation I picked you out Diary from among hundreds of others   now don’t you feel honored? I got a 10% discount on you too because you came from the Book store and Mr. Clark felt kindly disposed towards me. But that sounds awfully mercinary[sic] doesn’t it and as this is the one statement that may hurt your feelings just forget that I wrote it won’t you?

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