Dec. 22 & 23, 1913

Mon. December 22, 1913

Well I clerked all afternoon & evening and at nine o’clock Ralph was waiting for me and we rode up to the college in the auto with Donald and Vera  when we got up to the men’s matorical[sic] contest Mr Kerman was speaking then Bert Bowman spoke wonderfully I thought  But when the prizes were awarded Jack Crowe got 1st and Bert 2nd   everyone was so surprised even “Pat” and Prof. Dagistan were surprised. Most everyone thinks Bert should have gotten 1st in fact Lawyer Adams one for the 3rd judged did give him 1st. Well Ralph is happy about it because Jack Crowe is a Philolerian[sic] then I came [home] and went to bed tired. I went to a couple of classes this morning then went over and drilled my S.S. boys.

Tues. December 23, 1913

Clerked is a pleasure to sell such beautiful books so many of them have such lovely bindings and there are such beautiful books to read when you aren’t waiting on folks.

Wed. December 24, 1913

This has been a long hard day of clerking  I don’t believe I could stand clerking for always. I told Mr. Clark I had enjoyed my clerking because I have. But I’m so tired! When finally six o’clock came I went over to Gilmores and ate a big of supper then as Ralph wasn’t at the library at 6:45 I went on and got to the church for the church entertainment. My boys were all excited over their stunt and the tree  they are such dear little boys   love every one of them. Well [there] were about 18 of them there and I marshalled[sic] them through their piece with the aid of Frank Barnett and it was a fine success if I do say so. I was so proud of them and it was the most applauded of anything the boys sang  clear and true and ducked behind the sheet at the same time and waved their shoes most realistically  it’s certainly the cutest boys excersise[sic] I have ever seen. The dear little fellows gave me the queerest presents a silk handkerchief with flags and stars in it gaudy pictures and mottoes candy etc. Well I got Ralph’s present off the tree and gave him his pedometer the same way then when it was over I was so relieved that I felt almost rested and we walked home Somehow this Xmas time doesn’t seem natural.

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