Dec. 19-21, 1913

Fri. December 19, 1913

Clerked, funny things happen every day and I don’t think clerking is any more monotonous than anything else. This evening the “Kappa Pi’s” took their lunches up and then had election of officiers[sic] and after that each girl gave some other girl a present that didn’t cost more than five cents. It was lots of fun I came home from the store so didn’t get there till late and when I came in they were having elections and said “Oh Claire your[sic] treasurer!” I was so surprised. I got a dear little glass engine full of candy for my present  I don’t know who it was from. Afterwards we all went to the basket ball game between our team and the boys back from Michigan  we won easily. I think Basket Ball games are great.

Sat. December 20, 1913

Clerked all day and this evening my but I’m tired I scarcely know what I’m sending folks or what I’m buying   at noon hours for the folks here I had quite an experience with a “dude” today “There’s a little dog down stairs that looks after it.”

Sun. December 21, 1913

Taught my class this morning then drilled the boys in their Topsey Turvey piece  oh how they like it. Tomorrow morning is the last practice. I met Frank Barnett this morning and I think he’s fine  I hope to become better acquainted with him. He’s a big help with the boy’s he goes to M.A.C. he’s going to be a civil engineer or farmer or something. I was terribly cross to Ralph tonight.

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