Dec. 16 & 18, 1913

Tues. December 16, 1913

Foot Ball Banquet

Well I clerked until most six then I rushed home and got ready for the Banquet. Then Ralph and I went  we sat with Nell and Cole Caryl and Gladies Phetterplace and Mr. Parker I had a lovely time the banquet was good and the toasts lots of fun when Elizabeth Stetson got up and gave her toast I was so thankful that it wasn’t I talking  I don’t believe I ever will consent to give a toast at a banquet. When Dr. Stetson gave his toast he mentioned my name and honors in tennis   poor “Dad” Hall next years football captain made a desperate effort to make a speech and I was surprised that he could do so well. Some how Mr. Parker and I always manage to have a good time when we are together even when we are with others  oh that isn’t what I mean that sounds funny.

Thurs. December 18, 1913

I didn’t get up in time for math class this morning So I finished a letter to Ben studied a little then rushed over to the Box Factory with Helen and Gertrude Macullock and Grace Bowen for a noon meeting. Helen and I played our mandolins then I took dinner at the Y.W.C.A. and after I went to work and clerk[ed] till six   I just love to sell beautiful books. Then I came home awfully tired and wrote some German sentences and outlined an oration. Oh dear I’m most to tired and sleepy these nights to write my diary.

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