Dec. 11 & 12, 1913

Thurs. December 11, 1913

Went to school and this evening Helen and I got there just in time to start off the contest with our wonderful initial performances of the Gibson Trio  I was scared as usual but we got along finely. Gladies O. forgot and turned so deathly white that I thought she would feint[sic] away  she finished somehow and Sue Slayton forgot so that she took her seat but the others got along beautifully and Elizabeth Hay did lots better than she has done in practice with me   Anna Monteith got 1st the dear. (which delighted Mr Dunnington greatly of course for he’s crazy about Monty)  Lurene Osborn second and Marg and Betty 3rd       the Trio played while the judge’s were out and people seemed to appreciate it very much indeed.

Fri. December 12, 1913

OO Had chemistry lab and got along pretty well today. I got praised for my Chemistry note book  oh I’m going to keep on working hard and see if I can’t win the prize  oh wouldn’t it be glorious if I should. This evening I went to Kappa Pi society and Mr. Preston played some violin solo’s for us that were fine  he has a good touch I think. I received a high compliment and also some criticisms from Prof. Bacon on our Trio playing last night. So I feel quite happy over our success. I have discovered that Mr. Dunnington is crazy over Monty.  And she is such a dear that I don’t wonder. Well Ralph came home with me as usual.

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