Saturday Dec. 6, 1913

Sat. December 6, 1913

Oh diary here’s a space from the 6th to the 11th that isn’t filled in and as I’m writing now several weeks after the 6th I can’t remember what I did  I know I’ve gone to school and done lots of things but I don’t know what. The Gibson Trio of Helen, Mr. Dunnington and I have practiced a lot these days and we all enjoy it very much.

Well diary I’m going to College and we do have the parties and spreads and receptions and stunts that you read about and I guess I’m in my share all right but somehow its different from what I supposed it would be   I think the books of college stories hide the hard work of college life too much because really most of the time were working away at our books and recitations and then too [it] isn’t just having a banquet but we have to get busy and wash the dishes same as ever and sometimes I get so tired out that I feel like the old woman of the poem

“There was an old woman who always was tired,

She lived in a house where no help was hired

Her last words on earth were: ‘Dear Friends I am going

Where sweeping ain’t done, nor churning, nor sewing;

And everything there will be just to my wishes

For where they don’t eat there’s no washing of dishes,

And though there the anthems are constantly ringing

I having no voice, will get rid of the singing.

Don’t mourn for me now, and don’t mourn for me never,

For I’m going to do nothing, for ever and ever.”

But I love college just the same and we do have grand times.

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