Dec. 3-5, 1913

Wed. December 3, 1913

Well diary this morning I was asked to give a toast at the Football Banquet, I was asked because I’m so interested in athletics and I was to represent our Sophmore[sic] class and speak on “What the girls do for Football” of course it would be a big honor but oh I dreaded it so and I just go through worrying over one speech  so I said I absolutely wouldn’t do it. This P.M. I went to Basket Ball practice and then to mandolin club practice at Constance Orcutt’s. Helen and I hate the old club and we want to get out of it I wonder how we’ll do it without making enemies. This evening the folks went to a church function and I studied.

Thurs. December 4, 1913

OO Nothing very exciting happened today except that by a stroke of genius we fixed it so that the whole club wouldn’t play that night. This evening I went to prayer meeting and then Ralph and I came home.

Fri. December 5, 1913

OO After Chemistry lab. the “Gibson Trio” had practice on our pieces for next Thursday night oh it was fine to play with people that can feel expression the same way you do. This evening cut up awfully in Kappa Pi made the girls laugh and generally enjoyed myself. After wards Ralph and I were walking along and suddenly we heard a roumpous[sic] and I knew his dog had killed a cat  I ran [and]  knocked through a wire fence and we arrived in time to get the cat away before it was entirely dead but Ralph and another man said [it] couldn’t live  Oh I felt badly and Ralph whipped “Judge” most awfully. [Curator’s Note: Judge must be the dog].

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