Nov. 21 & 22, 1913

Fri. November 21, 1913

OO This P.M. I went to visit an art exhibit with Ralph and saw some really fine pictures and other that were rank.

This evening we Kappa Pi’s had our initiation  it was great. The new girls stunt was a presentation of the third scene of “Il’ Trovatore” with an orchestra accompaniment. Oh I can’t describe the rediculousness[sic] of it I laughed till my sides ached. Ada Mae Ewan was the conductor of the orchestra and funny oh my! and of all the instruments there was a banjo, mandolin, autoharp, mouth organ, guitars, violin, and then the actors and actresses and of all the screeches and racket for singing on! My! Why the Centuries and Eros told us afterwards that they could scarcely carry on their meetings. After the stunt was over we took our girls and initiated them May and I took Ruth Goss between us and oh we made her look perfectly rediculous[sic] with pigtails and orange and green crepe paper then we put a huge straw hat and her sweater on backwards and started out with her blindfolded well we bumped her into trees made her carry soaked up macarooni[sic] made her and two or three others go into the Sherwoods meeting and make a bow and say good evening gentlemen then oh we did dozens of things  one funny thing was she and another girl were taken into a house and made to feed each other blindfolded bread that had been soaked in butter too  they thought it was garbage and absolutely couldn’t swallow it all. Oh it was funny. Then we finally all gathered at Edwina McGannons and had the new girls do stunts. Cornelia and Ada had to chew a long rag soaked in vinager[sic] from opposite ends. Other girls had to find a penny hid in their dish of flour with their hands behind them. etc. etc. Then we had the spread  it was fruit salad, pickles, olives, sandwiches, cake and strawberry ice. After it was over Gladies, Esther and I stayed to do the dishes so we let Mr Bates, Parker, and Ralph come in. I got home about twelve dead tired.


Sat. November 22, 1913

OO This P.M. a bunch came up for orchestra practice and we played from about 1:30 till after four. I don’t like a whole bunch as well as the two mandolins and guitar. This evening I was too tired to study.

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