Nov. 16-18, 1913

Sun. November 16, 1913

Went to church and S.S. I had 14 in my S.S. class today and its an awful strain to hold their attention and teach them anything. This afternoon Ralph and I took a long walk out Main Street across to Michigan Ave about 4 miles out and home  the moon rose while we were coming home and we thought there was a fire in town. It has been a beautiful day but I was so sleepy in church after my walk that I could hardly keep awake.

Mon. November 17, 1913

OO went to Chemistry lab and then gymnasium we had our pictures taken in gym. today I’m always so sleepy night I can hardly study. I wonder if I will pass in everything.

Tues. November 18, 1913

OO. This P.M. after school Gene and I went to call on the Barnetts and they urged us so to stay to supper that we did and I had a fine time. I like Helen so much we played and played duets then she showed me her Kodak pictures and we had a fine talk I came home about 8:30 and studied.

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