Nov. 13-15, 1913

Thurs. November 13, 1913

OO This P.M. I practiced basketball from 2:30 to 3:30. Then came home and had a practice with Helen and Mr. Dunnington. It was lots of fun and the guitar is certainly fine sounding  it’s a very expensive Gibson guitar it cost about 97 or 98 dollars I think he is real nice (Mr. D that is) This evening I went with Elizabeth Hay and Mrs. Read to some sort of missionary meeting at the First Baptist Church it wasn’t very interesting except for a talk by a missionary who has been working in China for 34 yrs. I wonder if I will ever be a missionary?

Fri. November 14, 1913

Oh this day is one of direst mishap and disappointed

First I nearly blinded myself with chlorine gas in the lab. Oh it was awful and made me so sick I have been treating my eyes every[sic] since lab. Prof Smith told me today that I was one of his best pupils.

Second. I had to come home alone from Society tonight. It was this way. Helen & I had to play for the Sherwoods tonight and Chapman asked me if he could walk home with us and take us downtown I was pleased and said yes so we arranged for us to be there about 8:30 to play. Well I had quite a time convincing Ralph that he couldn’t come but I did finally, and was looking forward to that moonlight stroll Ha! Ha! Well we got down there and had firce[sic] luck playing I thought. Then they thanked us for playing and gave us so many gentle hints to get out that we finally hicked [she probably means “hitched”]. And Mr Chapman didn’t have the nerve to tag us out and we weren’t going to hang around for any man so after various wanderings we came home alone all all alone. When we were down stairs getting our things on we heard a fellow go pluuging[sic] out I wonder if it was he.

Sat. November 15, 1913

Oh diary I’m possitively[sic] no good as a student I study less and less. And oh dear I could get my lessons if I would study  it isn’t because I can’t because whenever I study anything I get along beautifully. I wonder if I will flunk in math oh dear I hope not. I’m so sleepy tonight that I’m going to bed and it’s only 7:30 too. Ralph wanted me to go to the football game tonight but I couldn’t because I had to stay home and entertain my S.S. class. Well 8 of the boys came and I was completely fazed by the time I got them all started home. Oh next week I’m going to study.

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