Oct. 26 & 27, 1913

Sun. October 26, 1913

Went to church and S.S. This P.M. Ralph came up and we took a walk then went to church. I sat between Papa and Ralph tonight at church and oh I love papa so  I can hardly bear it to have him go away tomorrow. I think Ralph knew I felt badly and he was real considerate.

Mon. October 27, 1913

Papa has left for the west  Oh I felt most as if I would never see him again  it was awful.  Oh his prayers for us all are so wonderful and he loves us so dearly He has talked to me about my life and I and it seems as if I couldn’t do anything to displease him. He wants me to go out in work with him for my life work and I think I will. I imagine I will feel a certain loneliness all my life in being an Old Maid because it must be wonderful to love some big strong upright man so much that I would want to be with him always and to have him love me more than his own life. Sometimes I feel a longing to see a man who would love me also. I could love But Oh I wonder what I’ll be doing ten years from now.

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