Oct. 24 & 25, 1913

 Fri. October 24, 1913

Went to school this P.M.   after Chemistry labatory [sic] Betty Stetson and I went for a long walk out Almo [i.e., Alamo] Ave. I always have such a perfectly grand time when I’m with her  we seem to have so much in common. We are going to take walks real often and talk German part of the time. We did today and it was so funny  we would get stuck and couldn’t think of the word. This evening I went to Kappa Pi  the program was on Michigan artists and it was fine. I am on a debate for next time they always seem to put me on debates. I have dropped History and now I’m only taking 15 hrs.  it seems so strange not to have that awful weight of History hanging on my back.

Sat. October 25, 1913

Albion for Football.

Well about a 100 of us College students went to Albion today on a special car to see the K.C. vs. Albion football game and we got beaten 23 to 7. Luck and the Empire seemed against us from the beginning of the game. We made another touchdown that they didn’t count because the lines-man said Preston stepped or went over the side line  Why there was quite a fuss and one of the Albion men hit our coach with a board and thought he was a student. Everything was decided against us and some think the Umpire (who was unknown to us) was bribed, But shucks! the teams both played a fair and square game and for a long while we were even & I was so excited and everyone was   oh it was thrilling then they got ahead of us.

It was lots of fun on the car and when we went through cities we would yell and toot our horns just terribly.

Ralph took me strange to say.  My I’m too tired to study tonight

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