Oct. 22 & 23, 1913

Wed. October 22, 1913

OO Ralph has asked me to go to Albion with him Saturday to the football game there is a whole car load going wont it be fun?

This P.M. Papa and I had a long talk and he has decided to talk with Ralph to see if he is a Christian or not and if he isn’t I have decided that it isn’t best to go with him any longer. I wonder how it will turn out anyway.

Thurs. October 23, 1913

OO This P.M. I studied and went to gymnasium then flew up to Bowen Hall for a practice but we didn’t have one. This evening I went to Prayer Meeting then stoped [sic] for a few minutes at Lourene’s at a Kappa Pi business meeting to decide what girls we should bid in. It was some exciting time and all the girls were trying to get in their especial friends. We had a terrific discussion as to whether to risk a bid on Cornelia and Ada MacEwan but finally all got Ada through and then of course Cornelia. I wonder if they will accept  oh I hope so.

I guess papa isn’t going to talk to Ralph he said he didn’t feel it was best after all and that I could keep on going with him if I  thought it was best

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