Oct. 14 & 15, 1913

Tues. October 14, 1913

OO This P.M. I made quite a brake [sic] in Chem. class  Prof. Smith asked me “Ah Miss Wight can you tell us the date that the critical temp. of H was discovered  was it before or after the year you were born?” and I said “I can’t remember the year” (it’s time to laugh!) This P.M. I went to Y.W.C.A. and I’m fired with the ambition to go to Geneva next summer.

This evening I went over to the Hall to get German with Lydia and the minute I arrived all the Sophomore girls piled into the room to tell how they had hid the Freshmen’s clothes and the [Freshman] party was tonight. So the girls were crazy to get out of the Hall and over to my house but Miss Hussey wouldn’t let them come  she was afraid we would raise a roumpous [sic] my it was exciting for a while   finally she let three of them come home with me but they had to go right back then I helped stirr [sic] up some of the boys and all told it was lots of fun. Then Mr. Bates and Esther and Ralph & I took a long moonlight walk  Esther and I have kept house all day it has been lots of fun. The Sophs are stacking the Freshies rooms good and proper

Wed. October 15, 1913

OO go along all right. This P.M. I went over with Winnifred Praegger to play tennis and we had lots of fun we played two sets against Bramble and Mountain then Mr. M & I played a deuce set of singles  I can’t remember who won it. Then we went to the challenge for the cleaning up of the football field and oh I guess there were about 50 boys and 15 or 20 girls all working then we had candy and cookies. Then I went back a[nd] beat Winnie a set: 6-4 then Joe & I played against Winnie and Mr. Chapman a while.

 This evening I went to dinner up at the Bestors it was a fine dinner and I ate until I was uncomfortable  it was their 39 or something wedding anniversary. Then I hurried home and Lydia Beautolph came over to study German.

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