Oct. 12 & 13, 1913

Sun. October 12, 1913

Went to church and S.S. This P.M. Ralph and I went walking way out past Oakwood. It has been a lovely day. This evening Ralph and I had a terrible scrabble over an old penny picture of me that he got hold of  I finally got it though after a long time. I called him all he awful names I could think of   he certainly got mad. Esther is down to stay all night.

Mon. October 13, 1913

OO Another day of rush and hurry. Got home at 12:30 and back by one o’clock to practice that old “Thalia” stunt for the Gaynor club entertainment then I practiced the Solo for Y.W.C.A. with Gladies Phetteplace then stayed in Chem. Lab till four o’clock  then I was ½ hr. late to gymnasium class and afterward got a scolding for skipping last week. This evening I studied math   Esther is here again to stay all night and as all my folks are going to Battle Creek tomorrow Esther and I are going to keep house together.

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