Oct. 6 & 7, 1913

Sophomore Party

Mon. October 6, 1913

OO  Had Chemistry lab this P.M. for the 1st time   I got along real fast and had piles of fun especially with Cornelia Dewey who is such a happy-go-lucky sort of a girl that there is no telling what minute she will blow up the labatory [sic]. I made her believe that Distilled water came out of the hydrant and that you got common water from the stock room. Ralph and Parker are both there on Monday P.M. and it is quite exciting. The climax of it all was this that Parker asked Gladies P. if he could come up Sunday night she said yes and as she knew that I knew Parker and knew that Ralph & Henry were both Juniors she asked Ralph and I to come down Sunday to lunch  my but wouldn’t it be funny!! I told her I couldn’t but say I was tempted to go and watch the two boys be polite to each other but I decided it wasn’t right to be so mean. After labatory [sic] Gladies came up for a while and we had quite a talk. This evening Helen and Gladies and I went to the party together and my sakes it was some exciting time. Some of the Freshmen boys had gotten up the wall into the pantry window which was unlocked had stollen[sic] a huge freezer with 8 qts of brick vanilla ice cream & lime ice brick, two big plates of macaroons   had unlocked the back door and gotten it all out and away before the family ever discovered it. So when we arrived the folks went down in the taxi and and got more ice cream so we had lots of nuts, candy, ice cream and cake. Well they most got Little Walker our president too  he had to get out of the Dorm by a rope and they surrounded Helen McHugh’s house so when he arrived they chased him and he rushed among freight cars etc. until he got to the house where he could telephone then we rescued them in an auto. Well we had programs and you wrote your name on your partners card for the different Stunts so I had a nice talk with Hosmer Stone and Mr. Bates and I had lots of fun eating togather[sic]  we captured a box of nuts and took our eats out on the porch  While we were sitting there eating an auto loaded of Freshmen drove up turned there[sic] lights ___ on us and joked a while  anyway they saw we had plenty to eat. I came home with Mr. Crowe and had a fine talk with him  he is lots different from what I imagined him to be and I like him very much  I had a serious good talk with him & I think we both enjoyed it.

Tues. October 7, 1913

OO This P.M. I studied after Chem. Class. This evening I went over to the gymnasium to practice the circus stunt and it made me so cross that now I’m home and going to bed.

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