Sunday, Oct. 5, 1913

Sun. October 5, 1913

Went to church and S.S. I had a real interesting time with the boys in my class today they certainly know how to ask questions. Paul Tubbs wanted to know where God was while he was creating the earth. I asked each boy to tell me his favorite flower and why it was and I was so surprised to see how the flower chosen by each corresponded to his characteristics Thus Oliver Carmen the sweet faced, quiet modest reserved little boy chose the pansy and Paul Tubbs the noisy bright mishevious [sic] one chose the daisy and George Ferguson the artistic refined one chose the violet etc. This P.M. I was occupied by reading and then by entertaining Mr Payne a young gentleman of my acquaintance.

Readers note: At the end of the entry are two lines of old German script which we’ve been unable to transcribe; one of the words is Kirche i.e., ‘church.’

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