Friday, Oct. 3, 1913

Fri. October 3, 1913

City Tennis Champion.

Well Miss Gregg and I actually play our match and I won   I was so surprised and happy. Why in practice I couldn’t hardly make a point but in the tournament I played wonderfully well for me, I was just astonished at my plays. Mamma, Papa, May, Elizabeth Hay, Aunt E., Gene, Ralph, Gladies Maca, Helen Barnett and Rev. Barnett were all there besides a number of Miss Greggs friends and outsiders   it was played on such short notice that there wasn’t much of a crowd. I won score 6-1, 6-3 and it’s a marvel to me how I did it when I’m so out of practice but then I don’t think she played as well as usual. I seem such a relief to have it off of my mind. And now I have another cup to defend. This evening I played a mandolin solo for Kappa Pi and it went very well I was congratulated on it.

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