Thursday, Oct. 2, 1913

Thurs. October 2, 1913

This morning in math class “Tuffy” got mad and while he was in a towering rage the window pole tumbled over on him it was so funny that I got behind Mr Zeedyke and laughed till the tears rolled down my cheeks. Then I went to chapel and Dr. Stetson gave us girls a lecture on the Unladylikeness and the physical unfitness for the “Tug-of-War”. Why we girls felt terrible to get such an undeserved calling down. So B. Freeman rose and told him that the soph girls had not been consulted before the chalange [sic] was posted. Then Dr S. turned to the boys in the white heat of wrath and said if that was the case he would thank the person who did such a thing to leave the institution etc. “Little” Walker felt terrible and what started as a joke seems to have ended rather disastriously [sic]. This evening went to prayer meeting  Ralph brought me home.

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