Wednesday, Oct. 1, 1913

Wed. October 1, 1913

OO* the challenge was up today for the “Tug of War” and I was surprised to say the least when I discovered that the girls were to have a “Tug of War” also. It seems the presidents got together and decided it would be fun. Well we Sophs. arn’t [sic] going to back out now and I expect it will go ahead if the faculty will let us. We are counting up our big girls and I don’t think we stand a poor show. This afternoon Papa came home and surprised us   my it seems good to have him back but think of it he expects to start the last of October for a trip to the Coast and will probably not return until June! It has broken Mamma all up to think of it and it is a terribly hard blow but we can’t interfear [sic] in Gods leading   Oh I must do all I can to make up to Mamma for his absence I do love them both so much

*OO = School

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