Sunday, Sept. 28, 1913

Sun. September 28, 1913

Went to church and S.S. This P.M. I was surprised to have Ben Wheatley call up and say that he and a Mr Marlott were attending a Bible Institute here and would like to come up this P.M. if I would let them. So I told Ralph he couldn’t come and tried to persuade Helen to come she wanted to terribly bad but Jack wouldn’t let her off she’s very mad at him now and so am I. Then I called up Margaret Petertyle to come over and help me out so she came. The boys arrived and after talking and singing a while we had lunch with the table set with doyles [sic]. Then we went to the annual meeting at the academy of the Rescue Mission Melle [sic] Trotter and Tuller etc. Then came back and the boys arranged to stay here all night and take the early morning train so thus it is. I like Mr. Marlott very much he seems like a fine Christian Boy he’s a Junior at Albion. Oh fudge I wonder what they think of me? I had quite a nice talk with the boys alone tonight we discussed the moral questions of the day moving pictures etc.

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