Sept. 26 & 27, 1913

Fri. September 26, 1913

OO Friday is an awfully hard day because I recite from 7:55 A.M. to 2:30 P.M. with only time for dinner. This P.M. I went down to Hellens [sic] then came home. This evening I went over to Kappa Pi and we had an impromptu program which was so short that Betty Stetson and I came home before the boys came. Well I had a good talk with Betty tonight oh I wish she could be the reader and I a member of the Gaynor Club then we could go out on a trip together.

Sat. September 27, 1913

OO then studied german with Miss Davis. This P.M. Harold Osborn called up and wanted me to go out to the Country Club with Frances Haskell and Him and Louise Mitchell. Then Mr Parker called up wanted to play so, told him to call up Harold. He did and came out later but meanwhile Hosmer Stone decided to come out so Hosmer & I played singles on one court while Harold Frances and Louise played on the other when Mr. P. came he had to play with Louise and Hosmer and I played partners against Harold & F. Then we came back into town and Hosmer & I played on the college courts it was lots of fun he won ever [sic, every] set but I had a grand time. Oh I like him so well I always have. I guess Mr. Parker is kind of mad. I don’t know as I blame him.

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