Sept. 20 – 25, 1913

Sat. September 20, 1913

OO I just sit & tremble in german I wonder if I will get over that. It rained today so I couldn’t play off my tournament today I was disgusted because I am tired of having it hang fire so long. This P.M. & evening I studied. Parker says the joke is on me about last night but failed to explain. I didn’t see Ralph today and my conscience rather hurts

Sun. September 21, 1913

Rainy, cold, clamy [sic] and disagreeable  Went to church and S.S. I had a fine time with my S.S. boys

This P.M. I read and wrote until Mr. Parker came then we made candy and after that we sang & played. This evening we went to church and sang in the choir Prof. Weaver and Mrs. Weaver were there to lead the music and it was fine! Oh how I wish we could have music like that every Sunday night. I enjoyed Parker tonight but somehow I don’t exactly want to go with him he has gone with so many girls and he laughts [sic] too much. I wonder if Ralph is so mad he won’t ask me to the open meeting tomorrow night or so mad that he won’t get over it.

Tues. September 23, 1913

OO. This P.M. played about 6 sets of tennis with Winnie Praeger and Joe Mountain and Alder Chapman it was lots of fun I had a picnic. Joe is such a cut up that we laughed till we cried. I certainly had a jolly time. This evening Helen came up to stay all night. Esther came up for a committee meeting and then Ralph and I went to the Fair at recreation Park. It was wonderful.

Wed. September 24, 1913

Went to school all morning felt awfully sick all day. Studied this afternoon and evening also read the “Palace of Truth” and finished a letter to Beny [sic, Benny?] W.

Thurs. September 25, 1913

Went to school. This P.M. after writing notes till 4:30 I got in a pickle and had to go to Gaynor business meeting. My voice was tested but as it wasn’t any good I won’t have to be in the club probably. This year there are only to be 16 members and it is to be an honor to belong they are going to take a tour. Oh I kind of wish I had a good enough voice to belong. This evening I went to Prayer meeting and God seemed to use my testimony. Ralph came after me I do wish he would come into the meeting if he is bound to come after me.


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