Friday, Sept. 19, 1913

Fri. September 19, 1913 Reception for Freshmen

OO* had 5 recitations in a row.

            This P.M. I played about 60 games of tennis. One + 1/2 set singles with Mr. P.  1 set doubles Mr. P & 1 against Mr. Kerman & Mr. Chapman. 3 sets Mr Mountain & 1 against Winnie Praeger & Mr Parker  ½ set singles with Winnie. Miss Gregg & her bunch went sailing by in an auto to the country club for tennis practice for tomorrow. Well I told Ralph that I wouldn’t go to the Reception with him, he asked if it was Parker I said no but I wouldn’t tell him who I was going with (it was Betty Stetson but I wanted him to believe it was another boy so that he wouldn’t come to take me home & thus spoil my plan of independence) I also told him that P. was coming up Sunday night and the shock of both made him look terribly sad. I did feel kind of mean. He said he wouldn’t come to the reception then and I said all right he could stay home but he better come. Well I went and I had a grand time. I talked with lots of people and felt real gay. I found myself a few times trying to carry on a connected conversation with about 5 boys at once. I really got along splendidly and every time I would see Parker coming I would dodge but once he caught me and just as he asked me to go home with him a new girl came along and I stopped her and introduced them to each other then slipped away while he was trying to be polite to her. When it came time for the program we all sat down and Mr. Arr (one of our Soph. boys) came and sat down beside me. Then he asked me to be his partner in the grand march, for refreshments & to take me home. And as by that time I was somewhat weary of my earlier gayity[sic] I said yes for as I had never gone anywhere and Helen had several times  I was anxious to see what he is like & how I like him. He’s just an ordinary mortal however and while I enjoyed his company very much I wasn’t carried away with him

* OO = School

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