Thursday, Sept. 18, 1913

Thurs. September 18, 1913

OO this P.M. I played tennis with Mr. Parker from about 3 on. He won 10:8, 6-2, 6-0 I think it was. I asked me to go to the reception with him tomorrow night but I wouldn’t I vowed to go unescorted just to see how it would seem to go to a Reception alone and not have any boy to take me or bring me home. I’m always telling the girls to go to things that its not [a] disgrace to go alone and so forth. But they say that’s all right for you to say but you always go with a boy.

So I decided to try it and maby [sic] I can judge better afterwards by my experience Mr. Parker wanted to know if he could bring me home at least but I wouldn’t promise. He said he was going without a girl & risk that Ralph wouldn’t be there and that I would come home with him. I wonder how it will all turn out anyway.

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