Sept. 16 & 17, 1913

Tues. September 16, 1913

I’m doing all the last things before school begins, today   This morning I cleaned out my desk (no small job) and then ironed till noon. This P.M. I cleaned my room, washed my hair and darned my stockings. “Mother” Redman has come to visit us for a while, while Mr. & Mrs. R. are moveing [sic] to Battle Creek.

Wed. Sept. 17, 1913

College opens! It seemed good to see all the students back and it was regular “pandemonium” with them all talking at once  I have a very stiff program. The hardest there is and I don’t know how I will come out with it. I have 7:55 math, 9:15 german 10:15 public speaking, 11:15 history 1:30 Chemistry besides Lab work gymnasium etc. I have Prof. Williams, Prof Bacon, Prof Dagistan, Dr. Balch, Prof Smith, This P.M.  E & I went down town and got our books then came home & went over to the gymnasium & practiced tennis against the brick wall Oh I hope I can beat Miss Gregg, It was quite fun watching the Freshmen and helping them out of their dilemas [sic]. This evening I studied a while then Ralph & I went walking through town out onto East Main got some ice cream & candy then came home

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