Sept. 8 – 11, 1913

Mon. September 8, 1913

Clerked today! This morning I didn’t make a sale but this afternoon I used up most two books. I guess I sold more than anyone else of the girls. Then Esther and I ate lunch in the park at night and afterward went to see the “Prisoner of Zenda” played by Norman Hackett at the Elite moving pictures. It was good. My I’m tired tonight and another day of it tomorrow.

Elite Theater on South Burdick Street, ca. 1912

Elite Theater on South Burdick Street, ca. 1912

Tues. September 9, 1913

Clerked! Tired! Spent a few minutes this evening over to the Weaver’s.

Wed. September 10, 1913

Clerked! This evening the Weaver’s came over and we had a real pleasant time. Then I sat up quite late reading “Mary’s Ware’s Promised Land” by Johnson, one of the “Little Colonel” books they are certainly the finest set of stories I have ever head [sic — either heard or read] I wonder if somewhere in the world there is a man who is noble and fine that I will love and who will love me with as great and as pure a love as the hero’s and the heroine’s of those books describe. I almost wish there were such a one. Well goodby [sic] diary. 

Thurs. September 11, 1913

This morning I played a little tennis with Roberta Williams but I could beat her so easily that it wasn’t much fun. This P.M. I clerked at the Book store again and tonight he offered me a position at Xmas time which I consider quite an honor as I was chosen among so many. This evening I went to prayer meeting. The Barnett family are here now and I like Helen ever so much.

I told Ralph I would not go to the lake for over Sunday this week and he was quite disappointed. I can’t go out to Gull Lake tomorrow either because they have suddenly decided to have the final’s in the mixed doubles and the Championship singles of the City tournament Saturday and I’m all out of practice and David isn’t home from Detroit yet I don’t know what to do.

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