Sept. 1 & 2, 1913

Mon. September 1, 1913

Got up and took the back to the depot then road to Kazoo with Bernice Wilcox   I had a lovely visit with her she is such a dear and though she is so sweet and jolly and pretty she has lots of troubles and worries.

I came home and met the Weaver’s again Evelyn and Clair are so tall and grown up I would hardly recognize them. I guess Clair is over 6 ft and good looking. Evelyn came over a while his P.M. and we sang. The girls on the street planed[sic] a surprise party on the Crosp’s as this is there first night in their new home so 7 of us girls went over and played “pit” and ate ice cream and nabiscoes & lady fingers we had a lot of fun though I didn’t know if I was going to manage to brake[sic] the ice or not just at first. Clair took Evelyn and I down in the auto tonight.

Tues. September 2, 1913

Egad! Diary this morning I ironed. Forsooth a sorrier rascal could scarce be found than myself when I had finished. Methinks ‘tis the hottest day we have had. End! I betook myself for a ride this evening in an auto driven by as fine a macaroni[sic] as ever drove a car. Odd’s life! That I escaped unharmed. And by my faith I had a rare pleasure this afternoon in the perusal of as fine a novel as ever left the pen of a true American!

            “Richard Carvel” was as true a gentleman as it has ne’er been my luck to set eyes on and as for Lord Comlin Betty Swain and Dorothy Manner’s I can scarce hope to find their equals

            Methinks to be so fine a bird must be wonderful but a small minx like myself must not aspire to such heights.

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