Aug. 30 & 31, 1913

Sat. August 30, 1913

Excitement reigns! There was a little colt born last night and the whole family of us have been fascinated all day watching its antics, Wayne was willing to give me the honor of naming it but I shrink from such a responsibility. I had never seen a young colt before and I was some shocked at the length of its legs and the size of its head it reminded me of Bottom in “Mid Summer nights dream” when I first looked at him. I think its just dear now though but its so wobbly it can’t stand up hardly   I shot the tin basin at a distance of 50 ft. with a revolver today and also Wayne persuaded me to shoot an old shotgun that sounded like a Mt. being blown up by dynamite I was so frightened at the reset that Wayne laughed & laughed and the thing kicked so that I hurt my shoulder though I hung on tight. This P.M. Helen and I went swimming and had lots of fun though it was quite cold.

Sun. August 31, 1913

This morning I stayed home and packed my suit case and read and watched the colt endeavor to walk. This P.M. I went to country S.S. and had to teach the young peoples class that had boys older than I am in it. It was kind of a queer feeling but I got along all right. Tonight I came into town and went to church and B.Y.P.U. we played in the orchestra tonight there were 10 pieces in it. I’m staying with the Redmans tonight isn’t that grand.

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