Aug. 28 & 29, 1913

Thurs. August 28, 1913

This morning I wrote a hasty card to Ralph as I had promised to write while away then I got ready for the “S.D.I.” picnic at “Skinny” lake we went and such loads of stuff as there was to eat pies and cakes and everything it was such an abundance and so good that I scarcely knew what to eat, after dinner a lot of us went swimming a [and?] had a fine time though the air was cold and the lake was quite rough Mrs. Whitting a big comfortable looking german woman was so nice and her chocolate pies are the best I have ever eaten. I met Ronda Gile a Chicago girl visiting near here and I like her very much we got to be quite friends when I returned I washed my hair it was so ringing wet anyway.

Fri. August 29, 1913

Claire's friend May Fraser

Claire’s friend May Fraser

May and Tommy are married!! Oh oh it makes me have such a “gone” feeling just to think of it. Mrs Tommy isn’t that rediculas[sic] Oh May, May why did you do it. It’s a fine match and they are dead in love with each other and I knew they would have to marry sometime. But dear me it just seems tragic to think about anyway and the two dears will probably still be in college next year. Oh oh and May the best friend I’ve got in Kazoo most.

Oh I have so many shocks and surprises I don’t even know what will happen next. Why diary she’s really married and gone north for their honeymoon.

Oh hum its hard to think of anything else to write about tonight This morning Lloyd came over and we played our mandolins for him then a lot of us went to the S.S. picnic at Skinny lake there were lots of folks and lots to eat there. We had a fine boat ride the waves were so high that the boat rocked fine. Wayne and I shot a revolver and I hit a wash basin at a distance of 36 ft. up in the orchard it’s the first time I have ever used a revolver. This evening Wayne beat me at checkers.

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