Aug. 26 & 27, 1913

Tues. August 26, 1913

got up this morning and came to Otsego Fred Ryder was going to Otsego also so he sat with me and carried my suitcase up to Edna’s I like him very much I suppose because he is a good listener I certainly do talk a pile when I get started. He is working for the Electric light company and is busy in both Otsego and Allegan. This P.M. I [my] folks came and Mrs. Redman with them. This P.M. I umpired the exciting match between Rev John and Mr —- against James and Mr. Clark it was lots of fun and they played some really good tennis. James & M C won 5-7, 12-10, 2-6. Then the folks took the evening train home and I was so sleepy I went to bed and slept even while the mens music club was singing full blast in the parlor. The Weavers came to Kazoo yesterday in their auto. I wonder how we will be as neighbors

Wed. August 27, 1913

This morning Edna and I played croquet and teetered on the “grown-up” merrygoround[sic] then we sang and played duets  This P.M. we rested then James came home and I played a couple of sets with him. The children are absolutely the dearest things I have every[sic] seen. Wallace is so little and fat and goodnatured[sic].

            This evening Edna went up to the train with me and we met Fred who carried my suitcase again and insisted on paying my way. We talked of everything under the sun and I quit [quick?] renewed my acquaintance of several years ago, Helen & Wane met me at the train and we went to a “corn-marshmallow and weenie” roast down in the ravine across from Landons, the boy built a roaring big fire and put the lanterns up in the trees at different places through the glen it was certainly the most picturesque spot I ever saw for a roast. I had piles of fun knock off peoples marshmellows[sic] and eating donations from various young gentlemen then the boys sang and about 11:00 we started home G.B. was there so H was happy. 

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