Aug. 24 & 25, 1913

Sun. August 24, 1913

We got up and went down town to church it seemed so good to be in the Allegan church again and everyone was so cordial I’ve promised to go see the Landon’s, Reese’s and Redman’s anyway before I go back. Helen and I played in the S.S. orchestra and it seemed so natural though its lots larger now there were ten in it today. When I think of the work it was to get it started I’m glad we preservered [sic] and the class of boys I used to have is one of the biggest in the S.S. still and I’m so glad. Helen has that class now and I’m almost jelous [sic] And imagine George Butler was to S.S. today isn’t that queer  Helen and I were talking about it last night. She certainly has been a happy girl all day since she has talked with him. Oh I wish there was someone to make me happy the way it must be grand. I do hope for their sake things are fixed up all right between them. This P.M. we went over to a country school house to S.S. I taught a class and got along all right  After that Helen & I took a 10 mile drive with “Dutch” it was beautiful through woods & by marshes and corn fields the sunset was wonderful oh the country is a lovely place to be anyway.

Mon. August 25, 1913

This morning I received a long distance call from Edna saying that I must come to Otsego for tomorrow P.M. as James had advertised that the “Champion of Western Michigan” would be present to umpire a match, and as papa & mamma would probably be over because papa was called away to conference works early

            So this P.M. I got ready and Helen drove me down town then I went up to Landon’s and stayed all night with Florence as Phyllis isn’t home yet. Florence is a dear girl she is going to be a trained nurse and probably a missionary nurse she is going up to Ann Arbor to shool [sic] this fall. Uncle Phil is certainly a dear man I love him so. Mrs. Landon is just grand to me also

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