Aug. 20-21, 1913

Wed. August 20, 1913

This morning I beat Esther a couple of sets of tennis then this P.M. I had Betty Stetson, Nina Jacobs, Barbara Blake and Mildred Tanis over, we played games and I served lemon ice and lady fingers we had lots of fun. Barbara is a real sweet girl though quite beyond me in wealth she is going to Oberlin in September. Tonight Ralph came up and we talked up in the copy corner. I’ll never love him in this whole world.

Thurs. August 21, 1913

This morning I brought home my cup and oh it’s a beauty but they’ve engraved my name Clara L. Wight which is real disgusting. This afternoon I came to Allegan to visit Helen and we have talked most of the time since I arrived. I received a fine box of chocolates by Parcel Post from Ben Wheatley this morning as congratulations isn’t that dear of him?

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