August 7 – 9, 1913

Thurs. August 7, 1913
S.S. picnic and I came out of it with a hurt finger my forefinger got hit on the end by a base ball while I was playing catch and a gr-r-r-r-r-r-r it feels as if it was out of joint in about 3 places I’ve got it all swathed up with bandages and arnica and its hard to write I came home about 3:00 and went over to play tennis with Tommy & May & David the 4 of us are going to the tournament at Grand Rapids Monday and I’m so excited I can hardly wait. Oh what if I should win singles!! Or May and I should win doubles wouldn’t I be happy though? I had fine tennis practice tonight how I do enjoy playing with good players.

Fri. August 8, 1913
This morning I swept and wrote letters. This P.M. I went over to Vera’s for a while to see Mable Mills who is visiting her, then I went over to play tennis and I enjoyed it very much. I played with David against May and Tommy and we won 9-7 then we watched Tommy & David play a set then May & I played but I was so tired that she beat me badly. Then I came home and Edna & the babies are here. This evening Edna and I had a fine talk oh I think she has the most ideal life of anyone I know well Ardith is sleeping with me tonight and she is growing restless so goodnight.

Sat. August 9, 1913
This has been a busy day. This morning I went down town with Edna and picked me out the material for a brown silk dress Edna & James gave it to me for my birthday present I also bought a new kind of tennis shoes. This P.M. I went down town again and bought me a bargain pair of pumps for $1.98 then I sent a telegram to Grand Rapids stating when I would arrive it was the 1st telegram I ever sent. I received a telegram this P.M. saying that I would be entertained by a Mrs. Williams I wonder who she is and what she’s like I can hardly wait to find out. It must be through Miss Gregg that I got the invitation I think she is fine oh if I was only in practice so that I could play good tennis why even May can beat me now when I get home from town May & I played against Mr Blackwood and a boy we won 6-2, 6-4 Mr Blackwood is a fine man Oh wouldn’t it be glorious if May & I won in doubles. Edna, James and babies are here for over Sunday

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