July 26 & 27, 1913

Sat. July 26, 1913

“Comedy of Errors”

This P.M. I went to the dentist, Dr Thomas, and had my crown put back on then I went to chataugu [sic] and heard the Florentine Trio two (Gibson) mandolins and a guitar and they were fine one of them also sang in Italian and one of their pieces was very clever at the end of which they all strolled off of the platform whistling. After staying half way through a lecture on the “get & give of Tariff” by Francis Lybarger I came home and played tennis I won two sets 6-1, -2 from Paul Johnson Then he & I won two sets from Dr Ramsdall and Prof. Bacon 6-2, 6-4. Then I hurried home at & dressed for the Ben greet players Ralph & I got there ¾ hr early and the tent was full then. Oh I don’t know when I have enjoyed an evening as much as I did last night. The actors were of course the best and there really arn’t[sic] any play as satisfactory as Shakespeare’s anyway. The Duromio twins were certainly comical and the Antipoluse’s looked alike too. The play certainly contains some of the finest humor and drollest situations & perdicaments[sic] of anything I ever read, But the antics of the Duromic’s just brought down the house! (tent I should say) and I believe everyone felt contented with the evening’s entertainment. It fixes the play so in one’s mind.


Dr, Frank W. Gunsaulus

Dr, Frank W. Gunsaulus

Sun. July 27, 1913

Went to church and S.S. This P.M. Ralph and I went to hear Dr. Frank W. Gunsalu, referred to as the world’s greatest preacher, also president of Armour Institute of Technology, His lecture was truly fine it was entitled “Savonarola” and the wonderful way in which he handled the life and deeds of that famous man made me feel good. In the evening there was a sacred concert by the Bergen-Marx. Co. which was the best music we have had thus far. Leon Marx the violinist was one of the finest I have ever heart [sic] I felt so good while he was playing you could just forget everything around you and even the man himself and just listen to the voice of the violin. Then the baratone[sic] singer Hiles Berger has a powerful, sweet voice which just thrilled a person to listen to Oh my but I like such music it does me as much good as a whole dozen sermons.

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