Wed., July 23, 1913

Wed. July 23, 1913

101 Ranch Wild West. Well this is the first time I have ever been to a wild west show and it was great, wonderful. I was so interested and excited you see I never went to a circus or anything like it. Well we had the best reserved seats and nice people sat all around us. Ralph said he guessed there were 10,000 people there. The performance was fine it was all cowboys and girls, Indians, Mexicans, Cossacks and oh such wonderful horses. So many things happened that I don’t know what to tell. The most interesting perhaps to me was the exhibition of trap & fancy shooting by an Indian girl then the Horseback shooting by Princess Wenowa, then I liked the “football on horseback” It was marvelous to see the trick riding of the Imperial Russian Cossacks, Perhaps the most dangerous was the riding of the Bucking Horses one man was thrown Then there was a thrilling pollo [sic] game by automobile two skeleton cars charged and turned just as horses might & as quick as lightning The sparks just flew from the engines and when one car would get the ball away it would plunge down the field at top speed. I got a toy clock with a compas [sic] in it. On the way home we stopped to watch them load onto the cars  say that was some night to see the horses run up those little ladders onto the cars and see the big wagons that it took 8 horses to pull see them run up onto the flat cars. It was pretty too as the men carried coaches everywhere.

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