July 18 – 20, 1913

Fri. July 18, 1913

Got up this morning and Lillian Spaulding B. Wilcox and came after me in the auto and we went over to the Normal courts and played tennis as they don’t know how to play very much  the game wasn’t very exciting but I had a pleasant time. Came home and taught my Geometry class and I got stuck for the 1st time   I just had to admit it. But I know it now. This P.M. I read, after going down town, “Crucible” by Luther  Oh I didn’t realize conditions could be so bad in this day.

            This evening I had my hair down my back & was reading when Mr. Parker came and mother called me. My how I hurried to get my hair done up. We took a walk then came home and talked  we had a real serious nice talk  I quite enjoyed the evening.

I wonder why I don’t want to go with him steadily for a while.   

Sat. July 19, 1913

This morning and P.M. I read until I finished “Crucible”  the book stirred me deeply and I hardly know how to judge it. I’m glad in a way that I have read it and yet I scarcely know why. The hero and heroine are fine true characters and I think that Luther has great power and insight into the lives of his people.  After I finished the book I went over and played tennis  Prof. Bacon won a set 6-1 then Paul Johnson and I defeated Prof. Bacon and Mr. Piper 6-1, 4-6, 6-1.  This evening I read a light little adventure story “Hearts and Masks.”  Ralph wanted to come up but I wouldn’t let him. I get so tired of boys.  

Sun. July 20, 1913

Went to Church and S.S. had a good time with my S.S. boys today. This P.M. I read a very exciting story called “The Princess Elopes.” This evening Ralph came up and we didn’t go to church we talked then took a walk then talked some more. He wanted to tell my fortune tonight but I wouldn’t let him. I don’t approve of having boys tell my fortune though its sometimes a temptation to let them. Oh I wish things would straighten out, I’m never going to marry unless I’m sure I love the man. I wonder if my prince charming will ever come?

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