July 16 & 17, 1913

Wed. July 16, 1913

This morning I didn’t get up until almost 10:00. This P.M. I studied German till Vera came over then we made candy and printed in our Snap Shot albums  I had a fine talk with her today  she confided in me. This evening Ralph came up and we went down to the Elite and saw two fine pictures  one was of the Boer War and the other of King George and his wife visiting India  it was great. Then we went to Medimbers and had some maple ice cream with nuts on top of it. I quite enjoyed Ralph’s company tonight. 

Elite Theater on South Burdick Street, ca. 1912

Elite Theater on South Burdick Street, ca. 1912


Thur. July 17, 1913

Taught school! This P.M. I studied German and then Mr. Johnson called up and asked me to play tennis. I did and he won two sets from me  it’s the first time he ever beat me  it just shows how out of practice I am  I just must get busy. I won score 5-7, 6-1, 4-6. I hurried home and rushed to get ready for Prayer meeting  I was ‘most ½ hr late   after meeting Mr. Piper told me of his trip back to Gettesburg[sic] to the big reunion then he told me of the war and of different things that happened until I just felt thrilled and was glad I am an American. Ralph was waiting for me and on our way home we stopped at the Baltimore Lunch and got some Wattermellon[sic].  Mr. Parker and Nina came up & Nina borrowed my bathing suit this P.M. and with May & Tommy they went swimming & White’s Lake. Parker called up tonight and wanted to know if it made me jealous   I wouldn’t tell him. I did feel kind of bad to be left out. He asked if he could come up tonight and return the book and I said no, tommorrow[sic] night.

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