July 13 – 15, 1913

Sun. July 13, 1913

Went to Church and had 7 in my S.S. class. This is papa’s last Sunday as pastor of the Church then he goes out in his Bible teaching work. I wonder if he will have enough open doors. I know though that God will lead and care for us all. I had a fine talk with papa this morning and sincerely hope I can do his will. He said maby[sic] I could go East to College, Mount Holyoke or somewhere  wouldn’t that be wonderful  I wonder if I ever will. Oh I hope so  it seems like a dream now. This evening Ralph came up  we made candy then went to church  rode both ways tonight.  

Mon. July 14, 1913

This morning I bounded out of bed at 8:15 and got ready to begin teaching Solid Geometry at 9:00 to Lela McDowell and Gladies Todd. Well I instructed them from 9:00 to 11:00 and didn’t get stuck and oh it was fun and exciting for I never knew at what minute I would get caught. My old brain just buzzed. This P.M. I went down town shopping with mamma and after a good deal of fuss and worry we managed to pick out material for me a dress, the pattern and trimming. This evening Ralph came up and we talked. It rained hard this evening.  

Tues. July 15, 1913

Taught and didn’t get stuck today we had polyhedrons and parallelopepides. This P.M. I studied German then read until Bernice Wilcox came  she stayed to supper and we had a lovely time together  she is certainly a dear. I took her a piece home then came back and read, I got so interested in my book that I sat up ‘till ‘most one o’clock to finish it which was a very foolish thing to do. It was just a thrilling detective story.

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