July 10 – 12, 1913

Thur. July 10, 1913

This morning Elizabeth Stetson came over and we had a real nice comfortable time. I certainly do like Betty most awfully well. She is such a dear sensible sweet girl. And somehow our ideas seem to go together pretty well. We can talk plainly and frankly together and feel that we are understood.  She is one of the best friends I have and as she has given me her confidence I feel that she values me as a friend also. She leads a much different life from mine and yet it does not seem to draw us apart. This P.M. Bernice Wilcox came up to see me  I was so glad to see her again she is so little it seems and she is as pretty and sweet as ever. She has a fine place at Three Rivers teaching and she is  associated with some very fine girls. She lives with Lillian Spaulding who has an automobile and the girls have fine times together. This evening I felt to[o] badly to go to prayer meeting.  

Fri. July 11, 1913

This morning I finished “The Master of The Oaks” it is certainly an excelent[sic] book. I think both Jean and Archer were fine characters and well portrayed. I wish I could do good to prisoners as they did  I wonder if I will ever have to sacrifice some big thing for a lover! Oh I wonder if I will ever marry anybody? I doubt it. I just shudder at the thought now.

            This P.M. I stuck pictures in my Kodak album I’m so glad to get that done. This evening Ralph asked to come up but I wouldn’t let him I was too tired. Oh I hope I don’t have to play two tennis tournaments tomorrow. 

Sat. July 12, 1913

This P.M. mamma and I went out to the Country Club to see David and Tommy play the finals in mens doubles against Walton and Worth. David & Tommy won quite easily. I haven’t seen any of the cups yet  I read in the paper this morning that I had won a cup which was interesting news to me. Miss Grieg is up north so the singles and Mixed Doubles are posponed[sic] till she returns.

            This evening Mr. Parker came up so that I could explain myself. I admit that things looked as if I was a regular bluff or snide or flirt or something. If he will only believe that I tell the truth. We flipped a coin about a new proposition and he’s going to let me know what he thinks about it Monday.  I liked him tonight we talked about such funny things that it was really amazing. He stayed till eleven.

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