July 7 – 9, 1913

Mon. July 7, 1913

Got up about 9:00 then ate breakfast and slept again till 12:30 then I rested some more. Then May came up and we had a good talk while I was dressing for Rosamond Praegers “supper” or “tea” or something  it was very nice and I really enjoy being proper once in a  while though I generally feel as if I wanted to shock them before the evening is over. We had shrimp salad, ripe olives 3 or 4 different kinds of sandwiches that were all as thin as paper most then we had coffee and assorted cookies. Rosamond seems changed a great deal she seems affected and though from her description college life at Smith must be very interesting and wonderful still I don’t believe I would like it if it would make me like she has become. She is going abroad next year. But I mustn’t talk this way about my hostess and Rose has the same big heart, maby[sic] the other will wear off. I wrote to Ben tonight. Helen Grant & Rosamond sang just beautifully tonight.  

Tues. July 8, 1913

This morning I worked. This P.M. I picked some cherries down at Rosamond Praegers. I guess I got about six quarts  I most broke my neck. Then Edna, James and the babies with Pearl were here to supper and oh I ate so much I was just uncomfortable. This evening Ralph came up and I acted “flighty” to say the least  he got real disgusted and finally we went down to the drug store and got some candy and ice cream. Then against my will we went walking up on a high hill then came home. Ralph wont do anything but sit around and talk when he comes up for an evening, its just a plum waste of time! He found out tonight that I have never been to a circus and he vows he will take me to the next one that comes to town. 

Wed. July 9, 1913

Stayed at home all day though I was invited to three places for the afternoon. This P.M. I asked Vera to come over and we talked and played duets. Then as the folks had all gone on a picnic, I got my own evening repast and later retired.

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