July 5 & 6, 1913

Sat. July 5, 1913

This morning I got up late then read. This P.M. Ralph came out from town again for over Sunday he brought me a couple of boxes of chocolates so we went for a walk around past highland park and ate one of them. This evening Edna and James, Ralph and I took the “Brownie” and went over to Allendale the lake was rough and the waves ran high it was piles of fun we ate ice cream cones, orangeade, candy and Edna and I took another ride on the merrygoround. Then we had another nice ride home and after throwing a dipper of water on Ralph I went to bed. Oh this life at the lake is great. Pearl is so nice too. 

Sun. July 6, 1913

James and Pearl and I started out and went to a little country church out near Yorkville  They just had S.S. about 40 there  it was lots of fun  we were in the “Adults class.” This P.M. the waves were running 3 and 4 ft. high so Edna, Ralph and I went swimming. I don’t know when I had such fun as I had jumping those waves  you feel so little and small when you see one coming but when you jump and are carried up on the crest you feel as if you controlled the whole lake. After swimming Ralph and I took a box of chocolates and went walking around towards Highland park  we got into a very hot discussion and as a punishment I wouldn’t look at him  he said I couldn’t go home till I did so we sat there most 3 hrs. I wouldn’t give in because of the principal of the thing for  I don’t have to do as he says  he just needn’t think I have to obey his will even if he is big and stubborn   Well it got to be eight o’clock and he thought I was taking cold and Edna didn’t know where we were and I threatened not to go with him anymore if he forced me to look at him and some people came along and thought it was funny   we were sitting there and I looked so piteously at a man when he went by that he just “shot daggers” at Ralph (it was really funny) so Ralph just had to let me come back. As a result we had to get our own supper and miss the 9:00 o’clock car into town the next was the 11:20 and we had to wait and wait for both cars to I didn’t get home till between 1 & 2 A.M.  isn’t that scandelous[sic].

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