July 2-4, 1913

Wed. July 2, 1913

I forgot to mention that Ralph sent me a box of beautiful pink rose buds two dozen from Fishers last Saturday night. Today I went fishing and caught several fine fish one weight ¾ lb. I guess or more.  Alltogether we have enough for breakfast. This P.M. I read then Pearl and I went for a row down lovers lane, we got some eatables at Yorkville But I got some enormous blisters from rowing for on the lake the white caps were high and it was hard work making the boat go. Went swimming. Got a nice letter from Ben Wheatley.  

Allendale Resort at Gull Lake, 1912

Allendale Resort at Gull Lake, 1912


Thur. July 3, 1913

I got a fine letter from Ralph today it was the best I ever received from him  he told how happy he was that I would still let him try. I know its hopeless though because I don’t believe I will ever love him. I had a nice time today fishing, swimming etc. Gull Lake is certainly beautiful and this cottage we’re in is real cozy. 

Fri. July 4, 1913

Well this morning there were two long distance calls from Kazoo. The first from Ralph asking if he could come out and the next a tennis call for me to come in and play a couple of final matches so that Miss Jones could leave town. I suspected it was a “put up job.” So I didn’t go in for I knew I would be in no condition to play. Then Ralph came and we went to Yorkville Then got home for dinner, Aunt Ella and Uncle Lute were here too. This P.M. we took a trip in a boat around the lake.  This evening Ralph & I rowed over to Allendale and got a canoe then we brought the boat back and went canoeing. Oh it was grand, wonderfull, exciting. The sky rockets, roman candles and all the fire works around the lake were beautiful over the water and the excitement came in avoiding the launches and motor boats that went spinning around  you see it was dark and we had no light so they couldn’t see us and sometimes they came so fast that we couldn’t spare much time getting out of the way. However there wasn’t much danger except once and then I fairly held my breath  we missed a speeding motor boat by just half a canoe length why the man just swore at us and turned off his engine scared stiff after it was all over with. It was certainly one of the most thrilling moments of my life  we went on the merry go round at Allendale and at[e] candy and stuff.

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