June 30 – July 1, 1913

Mon. June 30, 1913

This morning we all got up and went over to Allendale with James and Mr. Wheatley. Well he’s gone now and when I got back to the cottage I found that he had left me three of his songs that I had expressed a liking for. He also left me some of his official debating club stationary as I hadn’t any with me. Then Frances Haskell called me up from Kazoo that I would have to come in for a mixed doubles tournament so I went in on the 2:07 and then went out to the Club in Bud Snooks machine  I felt miserable when I got out there but when I got on the court I felt fine. David and I took 11 games in succession then let 4 slip and took the last, score 6-, 6-4. Bud and Frances felt pretty sore then David & I came back on the street car  my but I ate a big supper 6 slices of toast a poached egg a shredded biscuit etc.  

Tues. July 1, 1913

David and I got out to the Club early this morning for a 7:00 o’clock match against Lloyd Tryon, the normal champion, and Miss Jones the normal gymnasium instructor. It was the hardest fight David and I ever had  every one thought we would lose but we won score 2-6, 6-4, 6-3.  Oh I was so happy. David and Lloyd played wonderfully  my nerves and muscles were just tense all the while! I’ve been used up all day as a consequence. That puts me in on the finals in all events  I’m the only person that will have to play 3 events the same day  I think I will forfeit one event for I won’t be able to stand it all. I came back to the lake on the 1:10 and when papa came out he wanted to have a talk with me so we did talk and as a result I wrote to Ralph saying he could have a chance.

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