June 28 & 29, 1913

Sat. June 28, 1913

Well this has been some exciting day believe me! This morning Mr. Wheatley and I chased down to the Interurban and trains trying to get track of Edna & James   then we telephoned to Otsego and found that they weren’t coming out until P.M. or evening so we sang then played a couple of sets of tennis then Uncle Lute and Aunt Ella came in their machine from B.C.  This P.M. Mr W. Frances Haskell and I went out to the Country Club to play my first tournament in the City tournament. I won 6-2, 6-1. So that brings me in the semi finals as I drew a “bye”. The folks came out in the machine to watch us a while. Then Bud Snook started to bring us home in his rodster[sic] but he ran out of gasoline on an upgrade and as a street car was coming along we piled out and took the car leaving him there in the lurch. Then I rushed and packed my suit case and we motored out to Gull Lake Junction with Uncle Lute and Aunt Ella  it was a beautiful ride. Then we took a swim by starlight it was great. The cottage is fine.   

Sun. June 29, 1913

This morning I got up and took a dip before breakfast. Oh it was great the beech[sic] is fine here its about 7 ft off the end of the peer[sic]. I think Idlewild is the nicest resort on the lake. After a late breakfast Mr. Wheatley and I took the row boat and went down “Lovers Lane” got some water lilies then went down to Allendale and tried to rent a canoe but failed to get one much to our sorrow, however we recovered from the shock with some orange ade  

Lovers' Lane at Gull Lake, ca. 1912

Lover’s Lane at Gull Lake, ca. 1912











got home for dinner and were some hungry after our 3 or 4 mile row. This P.M. we took the launch over to Allendale for a while then came back and went swimming before supper  after that we talked then Ben [i.e., Mr. Wheatley] and I went for a row and it was then that I got acquainted with him   I had a fine frank talk with him and after relating all the peculiar incidents of our harmless “flirtation” we judged the whole thing exceedingly funny and decided that as a flirtation was tiresome and shallow and as I don’t approve of them anyway, that we would be frank comfortable plain friends and believe me it’s a relief. We say just what we please without fear of being misunderstood. We had a  very frank serious talk and I certainly was surprised and pleased to find out how really deep and sensible he is. We had a beautiful row with the stars shinning[sic] and a nice cool breeze, Gull Lake certainly is a beautiful lake. I found out tonight that he cut out the “Alpha Ki” houseparty with a girl he knew in Albion to come out here with me because he wanted to find out what I really was like. We’re on such a different footing now that its fine. This evening was certainly different from last Sunday night. I wonder if I will enjoy reading my diaries when I get to be a sour old maid?

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