June 26 & 27, 1913

Thur. June 26, 1913

This morning May couldn’t go so Frances asked Phillip Hodge to go so Miss G. and Fr. went out early then Phillip and I went out  I like Phillip real well he doesn’t seem at all snippy, though he is rich and goes east to school etc. etc.  Well Phillip and I won from Miss G. and Frances 6-3, 6-2 then F, P, and I came in with the Gilmore boy and a Mr. Taylor in Gilmore’s fine huge automobile  Mrs. Gilmore got in too and I felt real fussed so fussed in fact that I left my shoes in the machine and so went down to the Gilmore mansion to get them but the car wasn’t in yet so one of the boys brought them over this P.M.  My I felt cheap to cause so much trouble  This P.M. I slept then Proffessor[sic] Bacon and I played against Winnifred Praeger and Paul Johnson  We won 6-4, 7-5, 4-6, 2-0, This evening I went to prayer meeting walked both ways with Gene. Papa resigned and they acted on it and called Rev. Barnett.  

Fri. June 27, 1913

This morning I played two sets of tennis with Mr. Parker and talked real mean to him 

I refused an invitation for tonight and one for Sunday night and acted real mean  I guess he is pretty mad at me. Then when I got home I found a telegram from Mr. Wheatley saying he would be in town at 1:30 P.M.  So this afternoon he came up and we talked a while then went out to the Southern Michigan League Base Ball game at Recreation park  it was lots of fun  Kalamazoo won from Saginaw 5-2  I only knew Curly Bramble on the team. After supper we walked up in the Cemetary[sic] then we came home and Vera came over and we played piano, mandolin and Mr Wheatley sang.  My I like to hear him sing. Then we retired. It seems queer to have a boy guest staying all night.

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