June 23 & 24, 1913

June 23

This morning we all slept late then after breakfast and after I had my suitcase packed Ralph & I went for a last canoe ride  the waves and wind were high, I liked it. I started to give him back his society pin but he would not take it and said if I would not keep it to drop it in the lake so I have it yet and he has promised to take it when he cares for another girl more. He wouldn’t take the pendant back either. I finally promised him that I would let him know if I found out before school commences if I care for the other fellow  Well we came back on the train and stopped down town for an egg chocolate then came home when I shook hands with him to say goodby[sic] he kept my had for a moment and oh the way he looks at me just haunts me  Well I hadn’t been home more than an hour when Mr. Parker called up and I told him that I had stopped going with Ralph though it wasn’t on account of any old bet with him and when he wanted to bring up the candy I wouldn’t let him  I said I wanted him to understand that Ralph was a grand fellow and that I like him as well as ever  I told him he might come up tonight (I thought it might help me forget Ralph)  Then Paul Johnson called up and asked me to play tennis with him, so I got ready and went over to the new College court then David Polasky and Mr. Walton came and asked to play doubles so David and I played the two men  we won the first set 6-4 then they took the next 9-7 then David and I won from May and Tommy 6-0  then I won from Paul Johnson 6-1, 6-3   then as it was seven o’clock I came home. Paul wants me to play some more with him and just think David wants me to play with him in the City tournament and that begins Saturday isn’t that great. Oh I wonder if I will win anything I only hope so. Oh I must win.

            Well tonight Parker came up and oh it just seemed awful instead of making me forget Ralph I thought of him more than ever. I couldn’t stand Mr. Parker tonight although he tried to be real nice. I miss Ralph like everything all ready. [Ralph; break up; love; tennis tournament]


Tues. June 24, 1913

Got up this morning and played tennis with Mr. Parker. I won the first set 7-5 then he won the next 6-2 then it was nine o’clock so we stopped. He walked home with me and when we arrived Ralph was up in the cozy corner with papa so I sent Mr. P. away by the front door and went in the house. It seems that papa asked Ralph to come up and they talked religion but I didn’t let Ralph see me and after a while he left. My it seems queer and hard not to go with Ralph. This P.M. I went down town mailed my picture to Ralph as I had promised, bought some tennis shoes and came home. I forgot until this P.M. that I had promised to play at a suprise[sic] party at Alice Rhoades tonight so I called up Vera and she came over and we found a couple of new pieces that we practiced, then Donald told Vera he would get Parker and come for us in the auto if we would (April 29) let them so we decided to cut early and we let the boys come at 9:30. We had just finished playing when they came so (though it made the folks furious) we went and rode way out to Whites Lake by the new Bronson boulevard[sic]  my it was great I had never (May 11) been out it[sic] before then we came back and went to Van Ostrands  I got an egg chocolate (Also ate mustard and sugar Ha! Ha!) We got home about 10:30 or 11:00.

I certainly liked the auto but the canoe is better I believe. [riding in an automobile; Bronson Boulevard]



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